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Using a remote control to operate your sign 1. Using a computer to operate your sign 1. Attaching your sign to a surface 3 3 3 3 2: Basic sign operation 2. Turning a sign on and o ff 2.

Remote control operation 4 4 4 4 6 3: Example 1- A simple message in seven easy steps 3. Example 2- Insert text, time, date, symbol, graphic, character and carton 3.

intocartoon pro 3.3

Remote control operation 3. Example 4- Adjustment of methods, fonts or colors 3. Example 5- Insert beep, speed or pause 3. Remote control operation 8 8 8 8 9 11 11 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 4: Example 6- Setting time or date 4. Remote control operation 4. Example 7- Programming filename messages in sequence 4. Remote control operation 14 14 14 14 15 15 16 16 16 18 20 20 20 5: Other timer options 5.

Remote control operation 21 21 22 Appendix A: Additional programming tips Appendix B: Listing of color Appendix C: Listing of international characters Appendix D: Listing of symbol characters Appendix E: Change password Troubleshooting 23 25 25 26 26 27 2 Programming Manual 1: General Information You can operate the sign in two ways: Using a remote control to operate your sign A remote control is a hand-held keyboard used to operate the sign. This manual shows you how to program messages on your sign using a remote control.

Using a computer to operate your sign ll need special connectors and computer software as following shown: Do not use ordinary telephone wire to connect the sign to a computer Note: Use only the power supply that came with the sign. Attaching your sign to a surface Your sign can be mounted to a wall.

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This sign is intended for indoor use only. Attach the mounting brackets to the wall or surface. Attach the sign to mounting brackets using hardware as shown below. Plug the power cord into the sign and into an outlet. Basic Sign Operation 2. On the other hand, in order to turn the sign off, you can unplug the power supply or use the remote control.


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System requirement The computer inttocartoon be Pentium or above, 32M memories, 2M or above display memory, M empty hard disk.

The computer must be installed window 95 or above version.

The display mode is designed for x, bit or bit colors. Software operation Messaging Software allows you to send messages to your sign using a computer. Please follow the steps to activate your software: Otherwise, please select single color. Update the sign the new messages in the text edit area – Send Disk File…: If there is no file in 01 to 99, it will run file If there is file in 01 to 99, it will display the last saved file.

Enter the Edit Program Mode. Select 01 to 99 to enter message. Select the display speed of the message. Select the font size of the display message. Select the color of the display message.

intocartoon pro 3.3

Generate a pause within the programmed message. Please refer to Section 3. Programming a S 27 28 sequence file.

The direction pointer only works in graphic edit mode 3: Example 1- A simple message in seven easy steps The sign can store up to messages in numbered data files. These files are numbered from 00 to File 00 is a default message and for read only. A Simple Programming Example — Note: Underline denotes words or numbers to type, xxxx denotes key names. To correct a mistake, Press the DEL key to remove it. User can toggle the capital letter and small letter by pressing the key CAP, and use the ALT key to display symbol on keypad.

Y Save the message as data file number 01 Message begins to be displayed 3. Example 2- Insert text, time, date, symbol, graphic, character or carton 3. The default front and color are 7X 6 and Bright Red, respectively.

The sign will display the new message Note: The display mode is Cyclic in the example Note: This can assure you that the signal from remote has been received and understood. In order to use international characters in your messages, you should first key in the corresponding equivalent English character and then use the NEXT and PREV buttons to scroll through the international charactersi.

See Appendix D for the more information. If you make mistakes while typing, you can correct them by pressing DEL key until you have removed the mistake s and re-entered in the message properly.


Remote Control Operation To create and edit message used by remote control, you should follow the below steps. You then can edit or create new message… … …. Y There is a need to re-save the data file Message begins to be displayed In some circumstance, user may like to erase some of the message; the sign has such an option for user to do so.

Listed below is the Erase functions and their usages: Example 4- Adjustment of methods, fonts and colors Method: Type of moving options which are displayed on a sign, see Appendix A. Style of fonts which are displayed on a sign, see Appendix A too.

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Your sign can display up to 16 different colors, e. Red, Green, Yellow, etc. To determine what colors are available on your sign, see Appendix B. It turns on Cyclic again 6. Remote Control Operation User infocartoon make method, font or color adjustment of the message.

Intocartoon pro 3.3 télécharger

After enter the Edit Mode as 3. Step Keys to press 1. Example 5- Insert beep, speed or pause Beep: Type of beep sound can be chosen during displaying on a sign. Messages can be speeded up or slowed down. It is available for your sign, see Appendix A. Generate a stay time within the programmed message, see Appendix A too. Remote Control Operation User can insert beep, speed or pause of the message used by hand-held remote control. Example 6 -Setting time or date 4.

Software operation 1 Update corrected time and date from PC clock. Remote control operation User can set time or date of intocatroon message used by hand-held remote control. Software operation In this example, it leverages the power of sequencing to achieve desired results. Displaying messages in time order will work only as long as the sign has power.

When your sign loses power, ingocartoon internal clock becomes inaccurate and must be reset again.

intocartoon pro 3.3

As such, there are only ten sequence files, which can be stored and retrieved s say that as the owner of a restaurant named Box Car Express. You have by the sign. You have already created the following files: